The City of Minden will begin a systematic flow test of all Minden fire hydrants as required by Louisiana Property Insurance regulations.

Testing will start in the area of the city roughly bordered by an area defined as:

Lewisville Road to the Eastern City limits and from Berry

Dr./Kennon Street South to Sheppard Street

This work is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 15, 2023 and continue in the above-noted area for up to 45 days. Utiliserve will be the contractor performing the work and will be working out of appropriately marked vehicles.

This operation may result in some temporary discoloration in your water supply. If this occurs, please open your cold water faucets and flush until the water clears.

If additional information is needed you may contact City Hall at

377-2144 and ask for the Light & Water Department.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation.



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