Who Do I Call?

Emergency Information
Minden Police Department:
(318) 377-1212 
Minden Fire Department:
(318) 377-2425

Ambulance Services: 9-1-1

Advanced Emergency Medical Service, Inc.: (318) 382-0380

Pafford Emergency Medical Services: (318) 371-1855

Emergencies Call 9-1-1


Zoning & Planning Department

377-2144. Ext. 215

•Property Standards Violation

•Historic District Commission

•Planning And Zoning Commission

•Permits And Inspections

•Run-Down Or Condemned Structures

Utility Department

377-2144, Ext. 600

•New Utility Accounts

•Utility Transfers


•Residential Utility Bills

•Garbage Pick-Up

•Street Lights Out

•Low Hanging Limbs in Utility Lines

•Water or Sewer Issues

Minden Police Department

371-4226, Emergencies Call 9-1-1

•Non-Emergency Issues

•Neighborhood Watch

•Community Policing

•Loud Music


•Abandoned Vehicles

•Juvenile Curfew/Truancy

Minden Fire Department

•Emergencies Call 9-1-1 ,377-2424


•Smoke Alarm Inspection

•Fire-Safety Training

•School Visits

Public Works

377-2144, Ext. 333

•Broken Traffic Lights

•Limbs on Streets

•Streets and Drainage Issues

•Broken Sidewalks


•Missing or Damaged Street Signs

Animal Control

•Unleashed Dogs

•Animals Running Loose

•Animal Adoption

•Injured Animals

•Dead Animal Removal on Public Grounds

Allied Waste Services

•Residential Trash

•Lawn Waste

•Limb Pick-Up