Who Do I Call?

Emergency Information
Minden Police Department:
(318) 377-1212 
Minden Fire Department:
(318) 371- 4232

Ambulance Services: 9-1-1

Advanced Emergency Medical Service, Inc.: (318) 382-0380

Pafford Emergency Medical Services: (318) 371-1855

Emergencies Call 9-1-1


Zoning & Planning Department

377-2144. Ext. 215

•Property Standards Violation

•Historic District Commission

•Planning And Zoning Commission

•Permits And Inspections

•Run-Down Or Condemned Structures

Utility Department

377-2144, Ext. 600

•New Utility Accounts

•Utility Transfers


•Residential Utility Bills

•Garbage Pick-Up

•Street Lights Out

•Low Hanging Limbs in Utility Lines

•Water or Sewer Issues

Minden Police Department

371-4226, Emergencies Call 9-1-1

•Non-Emergency Issues

•Neighborhood Watch

•Community Policing

•Loud Music


•Abandoned Vehicles

•Juvenile Curfew/Truancy

Minden Fire Department

•Emergencies Call 9-1-1 ,377-2424


•Smoke Alarm Inspection

•Fire-Safety Training

•School Visits

Public Works

377-2144, Ext. 333

•Broken Traffic Lights

•Limbs on Streets

•Streets and Drainage Issues

•Broken Sidewalks


•Missing or Damaged Street Signs

Animal Control
(318) 525-3999

•Unleashed Dogs

•Animals Running Loose

•Animal Adoption

•Injured Animals

•Dead Animal Removal on Public Grounds

Allied Waste Services

•Residential Trash

•Lawn Waste

•Limb Pick-Up