Retail Alcohol Permit Application Instructions

List of items to be presented at time of application:

1. Completed Application for Retail Alcohol Permit

2. Completed Schedule “A” for each Owner, Partner, Manager or Agent.

3. Certified copy of lease or deed covering the premises.

4. Alcohol Tax Clearance Certificate from Webster Parish Sales Tax Commission

5. Copy of current City of Minden Occupational License.

6. Floor plan sketch describing that portion of the building to be used for alcohol sales.

7. Plat of property (Can be obtained from the City of Minden Building Official at the time

of application).

8. Copy of fingerprints (can be obtained from Webster Parish Sheriff’s Office)

9. Valid Photo Identification

10. Published notice (affidavit from newspaper) and (2) Proof of publication.


1. Submit completed application form and all attachments to the City of Minden Building Official.

2. The Building Official will verify Zoning, Occupancy and Proximity to prohibited areas.

3. The Building Official will attach a plat of the property showing all required elements.

4. Application is forwarded to the City Clerk for review. The application process can take

up to 30 days.

5. Alcohol permit will be issued pending approval of the city application and confirmation

of approval from the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

6. If approved, City Clerk will inform applicant and fees will be due upon issuance of


7. We recommend making application to the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco

Control at the same time or before applying to the city. Applications can be processed simultaneously.



Class A Retail Dealer:

Alcohol is sold on premises for consumption on premises. Shall be staffed by a bartender whose primary duty is to open and/or prepare beverage alcohol for consumption on premises. NO person under the age of eighteen is allowed on premises.


 Fees:  Low alcohol content only….$75.00

 Low & High alcohol content…… $500.00


 Class A-R Restaurant:

Must meet “Restaurant” requirements as defined in city ordinance Sec.6-1.


Fees: Low alcohol content only…..$75.00

Low & High alcohol content.……$500.00


Class B Retail Dealer:

Alcohol is sold in factory sealed containers for transportation and consumption off premises only. Primary business may be other than the sale of alcoholic beverages. High alcohol content sales are not allowed at locations which sell motor fuel.


Fees: Low alcohol content only……$60.00

Low & High alcohol content………$500.00


Class C Retail Dealer:

Alcoholic beverages are the principal commodity sold for off-premise consumption only. Does not sell motor fuel. Does not employ or allow persons under the age of eighteen on the premises. May sell frozen specialty beverages in closed containers prepared for transportation and consumption off-premises only.


Fees: Low & High alcohol content….$500.00

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