Building Official

The Building Official is responsible for and directs activities in the areas of land development, housing and building code enforcement. These activities include the research and implementation of policies and procedures and the coordination of project reviews for single/multi-family development proposals, commercial and industrial development and construction to ensure compliance with Building Code & Zoning requirements. The City of Minden through its development standards promotes harmonious and attractive growth and protects the health, safety and welfare of all citizens of the community. The department also serves as the coordinator for the Planning Commission and Historic District Commission. 

Codes and Ordinances administered by the department include:

Permits & Code Enforcement 

Louisiana State Unified Construction Code

Sign Regulations

Abatement of Dangerous Structures

Certificates of Occupancy

Health & Sanitation

Comprehensive Land Use Zoning Development

Landscape Flood Damage Prevention

Other Helpful Sites:

Louisiana State Fire Marshal

Louisiana State Unified Construction Code Council – LSUCCC

International Code Council – ICC ADA Accessibility Guidelines

Contact Information  Brent Cooley, CBO

Building Official


P.O. Box 580, Minden, La 71058

Hours: 7:30 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday

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