This position is responsible for carrying out the daily tasks involved in the day-to-day operation of the Airport. Performs a variety of unskilled, skilled, and clerical work as needed for the safe and efficient operation of the airport and the performance of services provided at the airport. 

**Assist in the management of the fuel inventory, receipt, and dispensing systems. **High school diploma or GED preferred but not required. 

**Inspects the runway, taxiway, parking ramp, safety areas, and hangars daily for needed maintenance. **Previous work experience at an FBO, servicing aircraft, 

Facility maintenance, knowledge of applicable regulations including FAA Advisory Circulars and NFPA 407. **See Airport Manager for more details. 

**Subject to work on a call-in basis. **Must have a current and valid Louisiana Driver’s License. **Must be able to communicate effectively via an air-to-ground

2-way radio, verbal, written, and computer skills are required. 



This is a high-level administrative position involving the receipt, disbursement, and accounting of all funds of the City of Minden. Responsible for planning, directing, and supervising the complete financial operations of the City, including the maintenance of the appropriate accounting records, journals, ledgers, and other materials needed to reflect fiscal transactions and provide an accurate financial picture of the city at all times.

**Informs the Mayor, City Council, and other city officers and supervisory personnel as to the city’s financial conditions and status of budgetary accounts orally and through reports. **Acts as official records keeper for the city. **Serves as Secretary to the City Council. **Records and prepares minutes, ordinances and resolutions.  **Prepares and attests to the validity of city records and bond indentures. **Serves as Chief Purchasing Officer for the City. **Approves requisitions, issues purchase orders, drafts specs for bid ads, place ads in official journals; assures delivered equipment and materials conform to specs before approving final disbursements. **Serves as ex-officio tax collector and has ultimate responsibility for the City tax programs. **Ultimately responsible for collection of Occupational License Tax, Ad Valorem Tax and the receipt of City Sales Tax. Works with bond attorneys on bond issue referendums and bond sales. Prepares information on city finances for bond issues and registers bonds with the Secretary of State. **Assists the Mayor with budget preparation; prepares revenue estimates; works with department heads in preparing departmental budgets. **Supervises a staff of clerical and supervisory subordinates. Supervises the preparation of payrolls, the administration of the City’s group hospitalization and life insurance and worker’s compensation insurance programs. **Responsible for General Fund receipts as well as accountability for General Fund receipts. **Responds to public requests for information and complaints. **Educational experience required: Graduation from a standard high school, supplemented by college level courses in accounting, business administration or public administration. Business, Accounting or Public Administration Degree preferred. **Up to seven years of responsible administrative or accounting work related to municipal or banking operations; OR an equivalent combination of training and experience. **MUST have a valid and current LA driver’s license. 


CUSTODIAN– Civic Center Dept. – PART-TIME

This is a semi-skilled position performing custodial work of manual nature.

**Cleaning, waxing, polishing floors, dusting, cleaning windows, and walls.

** Maintains outside areas for attractive appearance.               ** Maintains other equipment in and around public buildings.

** Sets up tables and chairs for scheduled events.                     ** Reports needed repairs to the appropriate personnel.

** Must be able to work nights and weekends when required.   ** High school diploma or GED preferred.



This is a high level professional management position responsible for the overall planning, execution, and quality control of activities

in the following departments within the city: Engineering, Water Production and Distribution, Wastewater Collection and Treatment,

Street Department, Electrical Production and Distribution System and the Airport.

** Must have a college degree with electrical, civil, mechanical, or construction engineering experience.

** Must have minimum of 2 years’ supervisory experience.

**Must have a valid Louisiana Driver’s License.



This position is responsible for the safety of Minden Police Officers on the streets of Minden.

**Taking calls from people in need of assistance, remaining calm under high stress situations. 

**Able to give precise location by obtaining critical information and dispensing to the officers. 

**Must be able to communicate verbally, displaying active listening skills, as well as speech clarity.

**Must be able to work a flexible schedule.    **Must be able to operate a computer and multi-line telephone. 

**High school diploma or GED required.          **Multi-channel radio knowledge preferred, but not required. 


EQUIPMENT OPERATOR– Streets & Drainage Dept. – FULL-TIME

This is a limited skilled and physical work position in the operation of light and medium dump trucks, light tractors, and related construction and maintenance equipment. Additional duties involve supervision of work crews cleaning right-of-way, demolition and placing of concrete. 

** Indirect supervision of laborers.                  **Drives dump trucks, operating other equipment, and responsible for their safe operation.

**Works under the general supervision of the Streets Foreman.        **Knowledge of the laws, ordinances, and regulations applying to truck and light equipment. 

**Familiar with occupational hazards and ability to follow necessary safety precautions, principles, and practices in the safe operation of vehicles and equipment. 

**Ability to perform heavy physical work, often under adverse weather conditions.    **Subject to work on a call-in basis, 24 hours per day, in case of emergency.

**Must obtain and maintain a Class-A CDL recognized by the State of Louisiana.



This is a skilled position in the operation and care of heavy construction equipment. Work consists of operating front-end loaders, motor graders, 

track hoes, grade-alls, and other pieces of heavy equipment on a variety of construction projects.

** Subject to work on a call-in basis, 24 hours per day, in cases of emergency. ** Ability to deal with employees and/or public in a courteous manner.

** Skills in the use, care, and safe operation of heavy construction equipment. ** Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing.

** One to two years’ experience in heavy equipment operation or public works construction, or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

** High school diploma or GED or Trade school required.

** Current and Valid Driver’s License recognized by the State of Louisiana.

** Must obtain and maintain a Class-A CDL recognized by the State of Louisiana.


LINEMAN A – Electric Line Crew – FULL-TIME

This is a highly skilled position involved in the construction, maintenance, and repair of electrical distribution and transmission systems.

**Climbs poles or uses bucket truck to work on energized primary and secondary voltage power lines and equipment.

**Installs, maintains, repairs or replenishes transmission and distribution lines, transformers, switch gear, lightning arrestors, 

     metering devices, ground rods, crossarms and insulators.

**Digs holes to set new poles, installs consumer service lines from pole to building or houses.

**High school diploma or GED, plus one year of advanced education or training required.

**Three to four years’ experience as a “B Lineman” or related experience, or a combination of training and experience.

**Current and valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) recognized by State of Louisiana.

**Subject to work on a call-in basis, 24 hours per day, in cases of emergency.

** Ability to work various hours and overtime, as necessary, and MUST work on a “call out” system, as scheduled.



This is a Civil Service position that helps protect and serve our city. 

** Must be at least 21 year of age.                                 ** Must have high school diploma or GED.

** Must have NO felony convictions.                             ** Must apply in person with Police Chief.



Water Distribution & Wastewater Collection Dept.- FULL-TIME

This is a semi-skilled position involving the installation, maintenance, and repair of water distribution, sewer collection mains, service lines, and related fixtures.

** Must have high school diploma or GED preferred; required for promotions.     **Must have valid driver’s license. 

** Some experience in maintenance or construction work desired.                    **Subject to work on a call-in basis, 24 hrs per day, in cases of emergency.

**Must be able to work well with tools, machinery, and outdoors in various types of weather; extreme heat, cold, and wet conditions. 



Water Distribution & Wastewater Collection Dept.- FULL-TIME

This position involves assisting in the installation, maintenance, and repair of water distribution mains, sewer collection mains, service lines and related fixtures.

** Must have high school diploma or GED.                                 **Must have a valid Louisiana Driver’s License and Class A CDL.

** Must have previous experience with various equipment associated with water distribution / wastewater collection.

** Requires knowledge of the plumbing trade and plumbing codes, or experience in maintenance or construction. 

**Must reside within a 20-minute drive due to emergency situations. 


To apply for any of our available positions, please go online to search for Job Listings and Job Application Form.

Complete and return via directions listed at the top of the app. If you should have any questions regarding our job listings, please contact

Human Resources at (318)377-2144 ext. 462. City of Minden is an Equal Opportunity Employer

updated 6.8.2021